Dela Araghi is a clarity guide and a DNA healer.  She has been gifted with psychic abilities since childhood.   She is claircognizant, clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient.  Her connection and empathic abilities have always helped bring clarity and transformation to others.

Following her passion to understand biology and genetics, she pursued an education in sciences.  While satiating her logical mind, she received many downloads of extensive knowingness about secrets of life and creation.  With a combination of scientific understanding and direct divine knowingness, she is now on her mission to bring healing and clarity to all.  As a vessel of the Devine she is here to facilitate healing of patterns and to bring clarity, conducting everyone into effortless joy and bliss.

As Dela explains: “Everyone can create the life they wish to live as they all have direct access to creation. Lack of clarity is what keeps them from their ideals. This lack of clarity or blockage exists in different levels of awareness all the way down to the depth of consciousness. These blockages are buried in patterns and memories in one’s DNA. I help identify these fears, phobias and blockages.  The identification process is always guided by energies such as angles and guides.

Then the desired life is designed and manifested using epigenetic, which allows changing of gene expression, morphogenetic field, that gives us access to filed of unlimited possibilities and the law of attraction.

Most of this work is done through light conversations, meditation and hypnosis.”